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Our Solutions

Typical Flow Diagram for Pure Water System
Process Description:
Raw water is feed into pretreatment system which comprise of sand filter and activated carbon filter.

Multimedia sand filter is used to produce higher water quality compare to dual-media sand filter. Mud and suspended solids will be removed from the raw water.

Carbon adsorption is used for removal of chlorine, refractory organic compounds and
inorganic compounds.

The pretreated water is polished with micron cartridge filter prior to demineralization system.

There are several options for demineralization system which are Mixed Bed Water Deionizer (MB), Double Pass Reverse Osmosis (DPRO), Single Pass Reverse Osmosis (SPRO) and Combination of Reverse Osmosis & Mixed Bed Deionizer (ROMB).
Mixed Bed Water Deionizer (MB)
MB consists of single resin column where both the cation resin and anion resin are placed in the vessel. Raw water contains dissolved solids comprise of cationic and anionic salts; where the anionic and cationic will exchange with its H+ and OH- on its
cation and anion resin respectively. The ion H+ and OH- released from the resins combine to form H2O (water).

Reverse Osmosis System

- High smooth level of external and internal surface
- High abrasive resistance
- Unique designed O-ring provide “double protection” from leakage
- End plate made of top quality material
- Every reverse osmosis pressure vessel undergo 1.5 times water pressure test for 30 minutes before delivery
- High performance over price ratio
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